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Public Art in the World

THE LAP is designed to fit into the system of public art events in the world, it is a synthesis of some experiences from the '70s to today that marked the transition from land art, in which artists sought dialogue with that work of art 'meaning of the word "landscape" that is the nature, to Pubblic Art, passing to the location of the works in urban areas in search of a spasmodic dialogue with the user, meaning in the deepest sense of place that belongs to the community, interacting with people to push new ideas to get involved in the logic, as stated on the website of Channel 4 that has been carried forward the process of "turning a space into a place." since 2005. For this objective, the British television network Channel 4 has launched a meaningful message in the direction of the Art Public, asking his audience if they wanted to have more art in the environment that accompany their experience. Using technology, the web, the MMS, the users have participated in the selection of sites, the selection of works in a real dialogue virtual / real. Public Art projects across Italy from North to South, from Luci d’Artista in Turin to metropolitan area of Naples, from the redevelopment of the suburbs of Milan and Rome, using the graffiti, first experience of Street art of the 80's, to complex installation of lights or subtle signs to look for in greenery and between people. In America with the Public Art Fund of New York, thirty- year experience that compares with always new projects, such as the Women in the city of Los Angeles, in which it passes from the use of conventional advertising spaces as the Panasonic screen in Time Square and the billboards “Billboard” facing Orange St. at Hollywood & Highland Center, to subvert the idea of communication and pass from the material profit to intellectual profit experience that the city of Potenza knows well since the great works of the LAP, which are located in areas that borrow the form of mega posters, accompany the life of the city, that defiantly have directed users to ask the question: what they want to sell? From the technology in a comunicative sense to more complex technology such as installations like Waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson, who works both on the water element and sociability, experiences of teams of men and women who work in the construction of a huge work of art, creating moments of confrontation for a job that satisfies, as we were taught by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in their monumental installations that have made the dynamic point of view on the reading of architecture, as well as the nature, in many parts of the world. In Europe, many are the experiences of public art. Among them that of Vienna with the project öffentlichen Kunst im Raum, started in 1962 with the work by Fritz Wotruba, to get to Iris Andraschek that on the door of the historic buildings of the city describes the identity of the world with ceramic carpets and mirror, reflecting the identity of Women.

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