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Project in progress, conceived as part of the Video Installation Course I held at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples, in co-authorship with the students: Cristiana Amato, Francesca Arduino, Sabrina Attardi, Mattia Barbante, Sabrina Colella, Leila Costanzo, Ilaria Cutolo, Liu Daini, Zhang Dan, Martina dell’Aversana, Sara Fiorentino, Angela Fusillo, Chen Haotian, Gu Haotian, Agostino Iacono, Cui Jianing, Pu Jin,  Xue Lingkun, Jiao Linyi, Flora Madonna, Sara Madonna, Ilaria Mignano, Emanuela Palmieri, Roberto Palumbo, Anna Rosaria Passaro, Carmine Pistone, Wang Qihui, Wu Yu Qing, Lucia Riccio, Francesca Sorrentino, Alessandra Russo, Yin Xin, Yan Jing Xuan, Apo Yaghmourian, Yang Yang, Chen Yaxin, Wang Xue Ying, Polina Yarishkina, Zhang Yutong, Zhao Zi Zhu, Zhang Xi Zi.





Black Box is a huge technological mosaic made of smartphones, a work of art that, thanks to the contribution of many, wants to tell the experience of Covid19, to build a time capsule that will project our experience into the future. On March 9, 2021, a great live event will turn our smartphones into a piece of the technological mosaic that is Black Box. This project in progress asks the users of the network to edit a short video in which everyone describes their state of mind, their emotional experience in these weeks of social distancing and invites them to post it on social networks. The goal of the Black box project is to involve actively as many people as possible, the more videos there will be, the more we will become aware of the change caused by covid-19 in our minds and in our lives. Black Box wants to give us the opportunity to learn from this experience, documenting this moment today to then find ourselves in one year doing a retrospective on ourselves, looking at our mobile phones while showing our videos on a common wall, reflecting on who we have been, who we are, and who we might be. Just like after a plane crash, we look for answers in the Black box. This is why with this work we want to analyze our experience and ask ourselves questions about what happened, using our personal and most modern black box: our Smartphone.




Black Box is a large digital mosaic made of smartphones, a work of art that appreciates your contribution by telling your experience of Covid19. On March 9th 2021, a huge live event will transform your smartphone into a piece of digital mosaic that is called Black Box. Edit a short video where you describe yourself in lockdown and post it on social media by writing @blackboxc19, or send it to this email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Instructions: Edit a 3 minutes video where you describe yourself in lockdown, with white background, and vertical shot.



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